About Us

About Us

Our Company

Sea to Sky Innovations is a Canadian company that was formed in 1998 with offices throughout the world. The company prides itself on its ability to meet industry challenges with its environmentally responsible chemical solutions. Sea to Sky Innovations has developed a range of new generation coatings and rust removal products. Company representatives have extensive experience with coatings and rust removal and can provide technical support to customers worldwide. Sea to Sky Innovations’ research and development team have designed this new generation of products to be safer to use, environmentally friendlier and most effective in coating and rust removal.


Our Environmental Pledge

Our Mission

We are committed to minimize the health and environmental risks when using surface material removal products. With the latest multifunctional water-based products, users can reduce programme times in completion of difficult projects and complies with current safety and environmental requirements.

Made by Water

Surface Preparation Compounds (SPC) developed by Sea to Sky Innovations represent the latest generation of water-based products that removes coatings and/or rust from a range of common substrates. They are environmentally safer, user friendlier, replace toxic chlorinated and caustic products, reduce health and environmental risk and non-flammable. SPC products help prepare surfaces for recoating in an environmentally responsible manner and leave the treated substrate ready for coating without additional mechanical abrasion. This process provides maximum coating adhesion and a solution that significantly reduces labor and overall project costs. Our solutions are designed with the best interests of the users and the environment in mind.

Proven Technology

The SPC products are compliant with most current safety and environmental requirements and regulations and will reflect any changes to these regulations as they are implemented. For further details, please check Safety Reports, Technical Reports, Industrial Approval/Certification and Environmental Reports.