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SPC Technology

SPC Technology

The Surface Preparation Compounds (SPC) products are multifunctional water borne products based on new technologies developed by Sea to Sky Innovations and designed to remove various coatings and residues from metal, concrete, brick and wood substrates.

SPC Technology – how does it work?

  1. Products work by penetrating through coatings breaking the existing bonds between coating and the substrate.
  2. The coating is then lifted from surface and can be easily removed by scraping/pressure washing
  3. No air borne contaminants as product wets and encapsulates removed coatings

SPC active components induce “stress” on the chemical bonds of the coating

The SPC products target the removal of coatings and residues such as: rust, grease, oil and paint (a wide range of industrial and architectural coatings). We continually refined SPC products as new technologies are developed and the SPC technology has been successfully used to replace traditional methods as well as to open new possibilities and provide shortcuts to complete difficult projects.

Benefits of SPC Technology

  • Accelerate your projects
  • Reduce your costs and increase profit
  • Minimize waste and reduce treatment costs
  • Minimize health and environmental risks
  • User and worker friendly products
  • No residues on substrates use future technology today

Methods of Application

The water based solution, has a unique advantage it is able to be applied by Airless sprayer, roller or brush.

Airless spraying enables the product to be applied evenly over the substrate, covering larger/difficult areas in shorter time.

Method of Removal

  • This effective method of cleanliness will save time and money
  • Can be manually removed by scraper
  • It can be used internally/externally
  • Can be removed by water blaster (subject to substrate and/or collection restraints)
  • 2 in 1 steam and suction, currently being developed
  • Surface must be neutralised with water following scraping